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As the ship is about to beach, Hands almost kills Jim but is himself killed in the attempt. After securing the ship as well as he can, Jim goes back ashore and heads for the stockade. In the blockhouse, he is surprised by Silver and the remaining five mutineers, who have taken over the stockade in his absence. Silver and the others argue about whether to kill Jim, and Silver talks them down.

He tells Jim that, when everyone found the ship was gone, the captain's party agreed to a treaty whereby they gave up the stockade and the map. In the morning, the doctor arrives to treat the wounded and sick pirates and tells Silver to look out for trouble when they find the site of the treasure. After he leaves, Silver and the others set out with the map, taking Jim along as hostage. They encounter a skeleton, arms oriented toward the treasure, which unnerves the party.

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Eventually, they find the treasure cache empty. The pirates nearly charge at Silver and Jim, but shots are fired by Livesey, Gray, and Gunn, from ambush. One pirate is killed and George Merry wounded, but quickly killed by Silver. The other three run away, and Livesey explains that Gunn had already found the treasure and taken it to his cave. In the next few days, they load much of the treasure onto the ship, abandon the three remaining mutineers with supplies and ammunition and sail away.

At their first port in Spanish America , where they will sign on more crew, Silver steals a bag of money and escapes. The rest sail back to Bristol and divide up the treasure.

Treasure Island

Jim says there is more left on the island, but he for one will not undertake another voyage to recover it. Stevenson had just returned from his first stay in America, with memories of poverty, illness, and adventure including his recent marriage , and a warm reconciliation between his parents had been established. Stevenson himself said in designing the idea of the story that, "It was to be a story for boys; no need of psychology or fine writing; and I had a boy at hand to be a touchstone. Women were excluded While there, his father provided additional impetus, as the two discussed points of the tale, and Stevenson's father was the one who suggested the scene of Jim in the apple barrel and the name of Walrus for Captain Flint's ship.

Two general types of sea novels were popular during the 19th century: the navy yarn, which places a capable officer in adventurous situations amid realistic settings and historical events; and the desert island romance, which features shipwrecked or marooned characters confronted by treasure-seeking pirates or angry natives.

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Around , the latter genre became one of the most popular fictional styles in Great Britain, perhaps because of the philosophical interest in Rousseau and Chateaubriand 's " noble savage. The growth of the desert island genre can be traced back to when Daniel Defoe 's legendary Robinson Crusoe was published. A century later, novels such as S.

Other authors, however, in the mid 19th-century, continued this work, including James Fenimore Cooper 's The Pilot During the same period, Anthony M. Lopez wrote, Zapatron in and the intriguing tale of buried treasure, The Gold-Scar All of these works influenced Stevenson's end product. Specifically, however, Stevenson consciously borrowed material from previous authors. In a July letter to Anthony M. One month after he conceived of The Sea Cook , chapters began to appear in the pages of Young Folks magazine.

Eventually, the entire novel ran in 17 weekly instalments from 1 October , through 28 January Later the book was republished as the novel Treasure Island and the book proved to be Stevenson's first financial and critical success. William Gladstone , the zealous Liberal politician who served four terms as British prime minister between and , was one of the book's biggest fans. Among other minor characters whose names are not revealed are the four pirates who were killed in an attack on the stockade along with Job Anderson; the pirate killed by the honest men minus Jim Hawkins before the attack on the stockade; the pirate shot by Squire Trelawney when aiming at Israel Hands, who later died of his injuries; and the pirate marooned on the island along with Tom Morgan and Dick.

Stevenson deliberately leaves the exact date of the novel obscure, Hawkins writing that he takes up his pen "in the year of grace 17—. Other dates mentioned include , the date Dr.

Livesey served as a soldier at Fontenoy and also a date appearing in Billy Bones' log. The Pirate's House in Savannah, Georgia is where Captain Flint is claimed to have spent his last days, [22] and his ghost is claimed to haunt the property. There have been over 50 film and TV versions made. A number of sequels have been produced, including a film titled Return to Treasure Island , a Disney miniseries, a animation version, and a and TV version.

There have been over 24 major stage adaptations made. Treasure Island has been adapted into comic book form many times:. A computer game based loosely on the novel was written by Greg Duddle, published by Mr. A graphical adventure game, the player takes the part of Jim Hawkins travelling around the island dispatching pirates with cutlasses before getting the treasure and being chased back to the ship by Long John Silver. Another Treasure Island adventure game based upon the novel was released in , published by Windham Classics.

LucasArts' adventure Monkey Island is partly based on Treasure Island , lending many of its plot points and characters and using many humorous references to the book. Disney has released various video games based on the animated film Treasure Planet , including Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon. Treasure Island is a hidden objects game launched by French publisher Anuman Interactive.

The arcade game Captain Silver follows a protagonist names Jim Aykroyd in his quest to find Captain Silver's hidden treasure, which to find, he must battle an undead Captain Silver. Stevenson's heirs sold Stevenson's papers during World War I; many of Stevenson's documents were auctioned off in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Novel by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson.

In the morning he only just manages to escape from drowning as the sea has become very rough.

Treasure Island, 1883

Luckily he spots the drifting Hispaniola and manages to board her. There are only two pirates on board, one of whom has been killed in a drunken brawl by the other. After a terrifying fight, Jim kills the last pirate and manages to steer the ship into a small cove. He then heads back to the stockade to rejoin his friends. The stockade is now in the hands of long John Silver and his mates.

Jim is captured and is given the choice to join them.

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When he refuses the pirates want to kill him but Silver talks them out of it. Silver tells Jim that the Doctor has given him the map and also abandons the stockade in exchange for being allowed to go free. Silver tells Jim that he is now on the side of the Doctor. At this point the pirates attempt to give Silver the black spot but withdraw it when he reveals that he has the map. They agree to go and find the treasure the next day. The treasure hunt begins and Jim is dragged along. The weather is hot and sweaty and the pirates are edgy. When they finally reach the spot where the treasure should have been hidden they discover only an empty chest!

Silver immediately realises that there will be trouble and gives Jim a pistol with which to defend himself.

Treasure Island ( film) - Wikipedia

The pirates turn angrily on Silver and are just about to attack him when there is a shot from the woods that kills one of them. The Doctor and Ben Gunn then appear and the pirates run off, heading for the remaining long boat left from the Hispaniola. Jim and his friends get there first and demolish the boat. What follows is a rip-roaring tale of mutiny , treachery, swordfights, and murder as Jim, Dr. Livesey, and the squire are forced to live by their wits in order to survive against ruthless enemies. Jim and the others ultimately prevail over the pirates and return home with the treasure.

Silver notably escapes with some of the money.

While a preeminent adventure tale, Treasure Island is also an enduring coming-of-age story as Jim both navigates life-and-death situations and encounters moral lessons. Films such as those in the hugely popular Pirates of the Caribbean series still encourage the romanticism of piracy. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.

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See Article History. Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Stevenson finished the story in Davos, to which he had returned in the autumn, and then started on Prince Otto ,…. In the late 20th century, pirates became the subject of serious historical inquiry. Some scholars portrayed pirate culture as a genuinely subversive radical movement that defied the common distinctions of class and race and kept alive the dreams of 17th-century political radicals….

Jim also appears in sequels to Treasure Island by writers other than Stevenson. History at your fingertips.