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Dear Evelyn

While this benefited the supplier in the long run, it required a large initial investment, and Berezin did not have the capital. Although there had been earlier attempts at automating word processing, the technology had not advanced to the point where standalone computers were a realistic choice for secretarial use.

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Microchips had only just started to appear in affordable volumes, and the general-purpose microprocessor had not been invented. Berezin and her small team created a system from scratch, designing a set of 13 chips to control the machine. Cassette tapes were used for memory and storage.

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The first version did not even have a screen. This was affordable enough to be successful.

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They were soon exporting systems worldwide through a network of almost agents, and enjoyed particular success in Germany. She was elected to the boards of several large public companies, as well as the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Times were changing. He worked as a fur-cutter while she was a seamstress. Money was short, particularly after the Wall Street crash in and the Great Depression.

Evelyn Waugh

Berezin became interested in technology as a child through reading copies of Astounding Stories, an early science fiction magazine bought by one of her two older brothers. This motivated her to study science at school and, skipping years, she graduated from high school at She worked during the day and studied for her degree in the evenings. Her all-female Hunter College did not offer science subjects, but after the US entered the second world war in December , a special programme enabled her to study maths at the all-male Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, and physics and chemistry at New York University.

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She graduated in physics from NYU in , and was awarded an Atomic Energy Commission fellowship to study particle physics for her doctorate. In Berezin got a well-paid job designing logic for computer systems that were custom built for specific tasks. At various companies, she developed systems to calculate shell trajectories for the US armed forces, to handle subscriptions for Fortune magazine, and for betting at the Roosevelt Raceway horse-racing track on Long Island.

Evelyn Ashford

The most impressive was an online passenger reservation system for United Airlines, which involved connecting computers in 60 US cities. The Thinking Circular team is delighted to accompany Biovegan on its journey towards Circular Packaging. What is the goal?

We Remember Dr. Evelyn Hess – A Pioneer in Lupus Research | Lupus Foundation of America

With the new packaging, which consists of renewable and compostable raw materials, Biovegan wants to make a contributionto our planet by reducing plastic use. The entire packaging - both primary product packaging and the transparent film used to bundle individual packages The topic of discussion will be whether or not the provisions of the Circular Economy Package represent genuine progress.

You can already read about my thoughts on the issue in this blog article: Professor Braungart They are fleeing from war, violence and land theft to secure raw material supply. Among their number are those people who have been robbed of their livelihood due to ecological crises such as droughts or flooding. The precise combination of poverty, exploitation, violence, environmental disasters and lack of opportunities causes people to flee.

At the same time, obsessive consumerism rages in our societies and continues to grow. We are I can not imagine and will not accept that it takes us only 5 seconds to produce or 5 minutes to use, what takes nature years to ecologically dismantle and absorbe.

And exactly this is what happens with about million tons of plastics in our oceans. I am offering you network