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  1. Leaves Turn: An exploration of post-hardcore act Unwound in 10 records
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This band played with intention, never intending anything specific beyond honest expression. The Unwound we hear on No Energy is a prime version of the band.


Leaves Turn: An exploration of post-hardcore act Unwound in 10 records

The songs here careen. Trosper, Lund, and Rumsey made music almost telepathically—they wrote on impulse and without pretension. Every note here sounds carefully considered, and just as carefully, every idea is left hanging before it can fully be seen through. There is no payoff except the lack of payoff. Once you accept that, their music becomes meditative. Listening now, they are still the kind of band that you can cherish deeply.

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They were so good at expressing alienation and discontent, that loving them said something about the way your brain worked and where you were willing to let your thoughts go. Skip to content Search query All Results. They released their pre-Unwound band, Giant Henry, on Record Store Day in and the first of a series of box sets later that year. Unwound's early work was characterized by intense vocals, jagged guitar lines, and more complex drumming than the band's peers. Trosper's lyrics were highly existential, cryptic, and generally bleak. From this angular, atonal starting point, the band developed their signature sound over the course of several albums and numerous singles.

With 's Repetition , Unwound added synthesizers to the mix. This new direction set a precedent that the band would follow for their remaining albums, culminating in the release of 's Leaves Turn Inside You , a double album the band recorded themselves over the course of two years. Unwound never covered any other artists' songs on their albums, though they did cover "Plight" by The Minutemen and Torch Song by the pre Versus band Flower on singles.

The band was known for its nonstop touring of the U.

Unwound: Empire

During their final —02 tour, Unwound enlisted David Scott Stone as an additional guitarist and original drummer Brandt Sandeno on keyboards, percussion and guitar. The band was known for having an all-ages policy at almost every concert which it headlined. They did this because they frequented all-ages shows in Olympia as teens, so they wanted to let fans of any age attend their own gigs.

Trosper played several kinds of odd guitars, including the Univox Hi-Flier made famous by Kurt Cobain , generally preferring guitars with P pickups. He sometimes played a clear Lucite Plexiglas , Electra or Ventura, Japanese budget copy of the expensive originals designed by Dan Armstrong and produced by Ampeg.

Unwound | Definition of Unwound at iribyravux.tk

He sometimes used an Echoplex in the band's spacier ambient passages. Rumsey generally played a Fender Jazz Bass. He and Trosper often used Sunn and Kustom amplifiers, generally solid-state models; Trosper's main amp up to was a Sunn Concert Lead. Lund played a s Ludwig drum kit. Members of Unwound participated in a number of projects that ran concurrent to Unwound, each self-styled as highly conceptual and distinct from the parent band. Trosper and Sandeno, who have collaborated musically since the mid-'80s, helmed an experimental venture called Replikants not to be confused with the band Replicants, which featured members of Failure and Tool.

Early on, they each acted as multi-instrumentalists for the group. Debut album This Is Our Message consisted of home recordings from to the CD version contained ten bonus tracks not included on the vinyl version due to time constraints. With more of an electro-rock sound, their second and final album Slickaphonics was released on 5RC in A West Coast tour ensued that summer and after it, Trosper shelved Replikants to focus his energy on finishing Unwound's next final album. Sandeno and Trosper also collaborated with video artist Slater Bradley on a number of projects between and including a piece in the Whitney Biennial.

They stopped performing as the Replikants in Rumsey used the pseudonym "Wolfgang" and Allen used the alias "Paul", with only astute Unwound fans aware of their real identities. Following a slew of singles, their debut self-titled album came out in on Kill Rock Stars. The project was first conceived in when Brandt and Justin were stuck at Tim's house while on tour with Unwound. They released a 7" on Gravity Records in Records , and an album on Vermiform Records. Vermiform would release the group's entire discography on CD in Trosper and Sandeno formed Survival Knife in Fake Train ' s cover art is simply a defiled copy of a Tom Jones LP cover which had been hanging over Trosper's doorway.

The cover and inner artwork of The Future of What are illustrations by Russian constructivist artist Yakov Chernikhov — Coincidentally, a similar photo of the Mapparium appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine a month after Challenge was released. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the George Strait song, see Unwound song.

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