The Context of Prosperity

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Peace and Prosperity

It would reduce dependency on aid and contribute to global prosperity. Healthy oceans and coasts and their resources are necessary for global prosperity. Cyberspace offers infinite opportunities for economic and social development and greater global prosperity. I have entitled my statement "Sharing global prosperity ". For this reason, there is a need for deliverance. According to the prosperity gospel theology, a person needs deliverance not just from the generational sins of the parents or grandparents, but also from the evil spirits.

These include but not limited to oil, water, handkerchiefs, and food products. More often than not, these objects are sold at high prices to those seeking healing and deliverance. Rightly so, wealth is regarded as blessing from God the Provider Jehova Jireh. The prosperity gospel teaches that the invisible faith should lead to tangible financial rewards.

The prosperity gospel would go further and claim that the size of your wallet tells the size of your faith.

True prosperity » Kehila News Israel

Here is the basic premise of positive confession as far as the Bible is concerned. The Bible has promised the believers prosperity, so the believers should speak in faith about that promise.

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Indeed, the Bible is a faith contract between God and the believer. In this contract, the believers must fulfill their part of the contract. Whoever does this becomes the beneficiary of the legal benefits including the rights and privileges that the substitutionary atonement of Jesus secures cf. Mark , Malachi and Matthew Some prosperity gospel preachers would argue that poverty is a spiritual evil that must be confronted through positive confession. Indeed, others would claim that God has promised to transfer the wealth of the wicked into the bank accounts of the righteous.

However, wealth does not come unless one adheres to some rules. In this context, faithfulness means you sow or give abundantly in order to reap abundantly cf.

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This leads to victory because God is a Victor Jehova Nissi. Victory is a spiritual and legal right that atonement secures for the believer, but one needs total victory which comes from total commitment. There is a frequent use of the word breakthrough. Nothing can stop you from becoming the winner. Moreover, nothing can keep you down. Nonetheless, you must follow the spiritual law of giving faithfully, fasting regularly while also invoking the name of Jesus.

What I have described above does not cover all aspects of the prosperity theology in full but least it presents its basic teaching. We may now look at some of the common practices among the prosperity gospel churches and the methods they use in ministry. Many Prosperity Gospel congregations tend to be non-denominational.

Committed to connecting the world

Some of those who join them come from the mainline churches. A good section of these become permanent members. Others attend on a regular basis but as semi-permanent members seeking healing or other solutions to their life challenges. Most prosperity gospel churches thrive better in urban centres.

Indeed, they draw much of their memberships from the urban middle-class especially in the West and from the well-to-do as well as the urban poor in many parts from the Global South. Given the better level of income among the urban dwellers, the followers can support the work of the prosperity preachers and their ministries. In addition, urban centres enjoy better means of communication both in terms of transport and the phones.

The well-established prosperity gospel churches are good at building networks and mentorships. Seminary training is one of the chief means of building their networks. A good number of the rich prosperity gospel preachers have their own theological college and seminary. They also connect well with all who attend church services through phone calls, emails, newsletters and the social media. With regard to mentoring, more often than not, the senior leaders tend to allow the younger and upcoming leaders to use the name of their church or ministry. In terms of intimacy, most prosperity gospel preachers know how to cultivate on-screen and off-screen intimate relationship with their members and audiences just like the celebrities do.

Also, they tend to wear custom made colourful clothes. A good number of the well-to-do prosperity gospel preachers use media and publications effectively and skillfully. Televangelism which became prominent from the s has flourished since then. Most of the rich prosperity gospel preachers own a television station of their own and have a publishing house that publishes the books authored by the preacher.

The less rich often buy slots on television to broadcast pre-recorded church services. The preachers often make good money from their publications including books, CDs, DVDs and other material. The prosperity gospel poses many challenges to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to the mainstream churches in general. It would be impossible to discuss every challenge here. Therefore I would like to focus on a few general ones. One of the challenges that the mainline churches face with regard to the prosperity gospel is how to teach the Christology especially in relation to healing and material prosperity.

In fairness, the prosperity theology does well to emphasize healing, deliverance and empowerment of believers spiritually and economically.

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