Inequality Unlimited

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  1. Man Found Guilty in a Murder Mystery Cracked By Cousins’ DNA
  2. What’s Wrong with Inequality?
  3. Does Quantitative Easing (Q.E.) Add to Inequality?

Man Found Guilty in a Murder Mystery Cracked By Cousins’ DNA

To discuss what it is to be empowered, the discussion must start with what it is to be disempowered, marginalized and unequal, often trapped in a culture of silence. As a something indigenous, brown and proud young woman, she embodies many things that make some feel uncomfortable. It happens when the marginalized become included and everyone realizes their universal right to equality. In the place she calls home, she greets the mother ocean every morning and her children will learn how to fish. Where she is from, the connection between people and place is a code people still live by.

In these places, climate change has come to call first. Hers is but one voice in an anthem of warriors, united in that common pursuit. She said the global community set the Sustainable Development Goals from a belief that better is possible. No one is more eager to act on this gift like young people, who, no matter how many times they are knocked over, get up. Young people speak up for things they know they will be knocked down for. Stressing that no one will reimagine the world like a young person with imagination or dream as fearlessly as a young person who is not afraid yet, she said discussions in the coming days must be equally as bold.

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Decisions in the High-Level Political Forum in July and the Climate Summit in September must be bound to the belief in better, increasing space for young people to participate in decisions at all levels, particularly those from the Pacific, as one cannot talk about climate change without talking with those affected by it first. Moderated by Ms. Wickramanayake, it featured ministers, other high-level speakers and youth organization representatives.

What’s Wrong with Inequality?

In the past, her land was lush and green, and people coexisted with their neighbours. Born of a convergence of many cultures, her community comprises scholars and leaders. Equality empowerment and inclusion stem from tolerance and just institutions. As a young woman whose family fled persecution, she stands in solidarity with young people around the world who grapple with a sense of identity in a world that favours the rich and the powerful.

Many young people expressed their views and worked to shape solutions. It also aims to ensure that the national youth services are fully operational. She then passed the floor to a youth delegate who described a project in Morocco, where young Danes are working with young Moroccan decision-makers to create opportunities for engagement through youth-to-youth training. In particular, work is under way to bridge skills gaps in the Egyptian labour market by training young people in technological arenas; boost youth participation in sports and cultural programmes; and empower young women.

In addition, he said, a quota has been established for young people to sit on the boards of various organizations.

Does Quantitative Easing (Q.E.) Add to Inequality?

It focuses, among other things, on the protection and promotion of human rights, good governance, the rule of law and security. Participants then turned their attention to a discussion of individual Sustainable Development Goals, offering national perspectives on their achievement and work that remains to be done. France also works alongside other countries to support Ministries of Youth — as well as the development of educational and work opportunities — for young people around the world.

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