Montessori für zu Hause (German Edition)

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Mathematics is a uniquely powerful discipline, one that enables us to comprehend and manipulate quantities of all sorts.

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The study of mathematics allows children to develop and exercise their reasoning mind. It teaches students how to evaluate situations, mentally test hypotheses, employ problem-solving strategies, derive conclusions, and articulate them clearly. As has been recognized since the time of the Ancient Greeks, math serves as the best model for, and the best pract These are critical skills that students will need in their future workplaces, in their personal lives, indeed in every aspect of navigating a world increasingly characterized by demanding, rapid change. Math lessons are most often presented to individuals or pairs of students.


When students need more time or support in a particular area, they have as many lessons and as much time as they need; for students who grasp an area quickly, there is the opportunity to swiftly move ahead. And so, children progress at their own pace, consolidating a deep conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas while creating a solid foundation for future, more complex studies. The materials and approach allow students to think in a way that is both fully conceptual and also visual, intuitive, sometimes even literally physical.

Students can explore and practice the math they are learning to the point where it represents real understanding that can be independently and creatively applied. One of the crucial keys to long-term success in life is the ability to concentrate. Concentration, or mental focus, allows a person to efficiently complete a short-term task, but also gives a person the ability to hold a larger goal in mind, and pursue the incremental steps necessary to achieve it. Mental focus is a learned skill; it must be practiced. Montessori activities are designed to take time and grow in complexity.

With just two weeks to go before summer begins in Austria, our amazing friends at Buchhandlung Kunterbuch have just the books to get your young reader excited about nature, adventure, and the long summer days to come!

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Watch along as Tristan shares some of his favorite activities at school, as well as insight on his work journal, projects with friends and peers, and what skill he think no one can accomplish. Thank you to the families that joined us yesterday for our Information Evening!

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We talked about a typical day in Montessori elementary, discussed our bilingual Montessori curriculum, and parents received an introduction to Montessori math materials for students aged ! This event will be held in German, though our team is happy to answer questions in German, English, French, and Hungarian!

Creative Playgrounds of Yesterday and Tomorrow – financed through the Bauhaus Today Fund

Our school still has spaces open for students in grades ! As Austria heads back in to routine after a public holiday yesterday, have a look on how to build routines every morning:. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Ken Hillman. Christine Bryden. Maree Bernoth. Sophie Jopling. Ian Stuart-Hamilton. Huub Buijssen. Anni Bowden.

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Murna Downs. Nicola Cooper. Hilary Lee. Dawn Brooker. Sarah Crockett.

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  6. Brian Draper. But, oh how true! Our teachers spend more waking hours with most of our little friends, than do their parents. Theirs are the hands that cultivate and empower the children. We recognize the opportunity to nurture with every nose we wipe, diaper we change, smile we share, and each hug we give.

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    Every lesson given stimulates the child in ways we cannot imagine or foresee. Kinder Haus provides on-going professional development opportunities for all staff members, so that through their increased skills, they too are becoming their personal best. About Us.

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