Barack Obama and the Politics of Redemption

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  4. Obama cites 'justice and redemption' in call for comprehensive prison reform

Russ Feingold, who lost his Senate seat to Ron Johnson during a Republican wave that year, has a healthy lead in the polls ahead of a in a rematch in November. And despite attempts by Walker — once seen as a giant-slayer after overcoming a union-backed recall effort in — to undermine Obamacare in the state, it's posting robust enrollment numbers. But a White House official admitted that debates over the health law are inherently political, and Walker has been a top antagonist.

Melissa Sargent in an interview. Trump released his own plan Wednesday night. Obama hasn't been subtle about taking Walker on. In July, he traveled to Wisconsin to unveil a labor-pleasing overtime rule, while mocking the state for having more unemployment than its blue neighbor, Minnesota.

Chinua Achebe's novel chronicles pre-colonial life and the arrival of Europeans in southeast Nigeria. The novel follows Okonkwo, a Igbo man and local wrestling champion, and, in three parts, describes life in Nigeria through Okonkwo's family, customs and society, then the influence of British colonialism and the presence of Christian missionaries. Set in London, the story follows young siblings Nathaniel and Rachel who are left behind with a mysterious figure named the Moth after their parents move to Singapore. The Moth is an eccentric man, surrounded by men and women with interesting stories and behaviors.

The children grow to trust the Moth and his friends, who work to educate and protect them. Years later, Nathaniel begins uncovering the mysterious circumstances of their upbringing. Patrick Deenen, a professor of political science at Notre Dame, argues in this provocative book how liberalism is built upon a foundation of contradictions. The book outlines why the successes of liberalism are inherently setting up its demise.

Ben Rhodes, one of Obama's most trusted aides, wrote what the New Yorker described as "the closest view of Obama we're likely to get until he publishes his own memoir. In " The World As It Is ," Rhodes brings readers into the day-to-day of the Obama administration, from the daily briefings to some of the most consequential and controversial moments of his presidency.

Barack Obama Reacts To Aretha Franklin's Death

Rhodes, who served as Obama's speechwriter for some time, was a writer before he was a staffer, making his book read like a novel that puts readers in the room where it happened. He used his real name and no in-depth background check was done. Though he was fired four months later, what he saw and collected was enough to write the most-read feature Mother Jones ever published.

In " American Prison, " Bauer brings forth details, stories, and analysis collected through his time as a guard in a for-profit prison, guarded in a system that he says is deliberately unaccountable to public scrutiny. This is the first comprehensive biography of tennis player and civil rights activist Arthur Ashe. Author Raymond Arsenault traces Ashe's rise to stardom, and the work he did pushing for racial equality and the abolition of apartheid in South Africa. In " A Life ," readers are taken through Ashe's career as an advocate for sportsmanship, equality and education, as well as his struggles with a serious heart condition that, after a series of blood transfusions, left him HIV-positive.

Lisa Halliday's novel " Asymmetry " is divided into three different sections that explore the imbalances underpinning human connections: inequalities in age, talent, power, money, fame, geography, and justice. The first section focuses on a book editor working with a much older and more famous writer, sparking an unexpected romance in the early years of the Iraq war.

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The second section focuses on an Iraqi man who, while attempting to visit family in Kurdistan, is forced to spend the new year in a holding room in Heathrow. The final section shows how these stories overlap, showing readers a connection between the West and the Middle East. Arranged in five sections, the essays cover a variety of topics and questions, from Facebook to libraries, offering a number of takes on current events, culture and politics, as well as Smith's life.

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  6. In 11 tales, Groff introduces readers to a cast of characters living in a state cluttered with snakes, sinkholes, panthers, and storms. David W. Blight's biography of Frederick Douglass takes readers through new information previously held in a private collection on the life of the escaped slave who became a leading abolitionist. Amitava Kumar's novel " Immigrant, Montana " tells the tale of Kailash, an Indian student who arrives to post-Reagan America to go to grad school.

    Redemption Song: Barack Obama: From Hope to Reality by Niall Stanage

    As he begins to settle in his new, American life, Kailash falls in and out of love with a series of women and meets a professor who shapes his life. Looking back on his life, Kailash reflects on love, migration, race, and politics, and how they all played an important role in his life. This posthumous short story collection by Denis Johnson touches on mortality and transcendence and was finished shortly before the Pulitzer Prize-winner's death. The stories in " Largesse of the Sea Maiden " show Johnson's venture into memory, personal introspection, and ruminations anchored by narrators who critics have said are very similar to the author himself.

    Max Tegmark's deep dive into the ways AI could affect us in the future theorizes ways in which we could increase the odds of this technology's impact being a positive one. Tegmark's book also touches on the impacts AI will have on war, justice, society, and even our own sense of humanity. Elon Musk called it a "compelling guide to the challenges and choices in our quest for a great future of life, intelligence and consciousness—on Earth and beyond.

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    Tommy Orange's novel tells the story of 12 Native Americans of different ages living in Oakland, California whose lives all come together as they attend the Big Oakland Powwow. In " There There ", Orange grapples with painful but important history as he explores Native identity and what it means in the modern age. But, it turns out, his new master turns out to be an eccentric naturalist, explorer, inventor and, most importantly, abolitionist. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Barack Obama's personal story is by now familiar, so the question then legitimately arises: Why another look back at the by now well know Obama story?

    One answer is that President Obama is truly a puzzling person and president to Americans from all points on the political spectrum. They simply aren't sure of who he really is, what he really stands, and above all what really motivates and animates him. As is the case with many presidents and especially one whose story has been told so often, a great deal of conventional wisdom has accumulated.

    Much of it is wrong, and almost all of it, as it is ordinary expressed, is inadequate. Yes, the president is "cool" and somewhat "detached," but how can such a person at the same time have an "empathetic temperament" and what of the range of feelings that normal people experience?

    Obama cites 'justice and redemption' in call for comprehensive prison reform

    Or consider this piece of conventional wisdom. How is it possible for Obama to aspire to be transformational change president and still be a pragmatist? Is fundamental transformation by whatever means it takes to bring it about still pragmatic? For all the conventional wisdom, Obama remains in many important respects a mystery. In this book I offer what I hope, and believe to be a useful solution to that basic mystery.

    Understanding the personal forces that fueled the meteoric political rise of Barack Obama, and that now animate his presidency, involve an analysis focused on four substantive narratives of redemption. The first concerns Barack Obama himself and his struggle to come to grips with his own family, race, and identity. It is a story of temptations considered, but ultimately put aside in the service of finding and acting on the purpose of his life. It is a story as well, of his father's complicated legacy, first as an absent but iconic ideal and then as a fallen idol whose place in Obama's life needed to be redeemed.

    Reward Yourself

    It is also a story of his complicated relationship with his mother who both loved him, yet left him on his own. Her unexpected and premature death at the time that Obama was almost wholly focused on his father lead him to reconsider her and elevate her, and her advocacy of "fairness," posthumously to iconic status, those redeeming her and their relationship.

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    And it is now, with Obama as president, the larger issue of America's ideals and its failure to live up to them at home and abroad, and the president's efforts to reclaim, through example, policy and the force of his moral vision -- viewed through the organizing lens of "fairness" that is a legacy of his idealization of his mother, its legitimacy in the world.