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  2. Blackened Canteen Youth Symposium | Events | ThisWeek Hawaii
  3. Blackened Canteen Ceremony

Hiroya Sugano, was only 12 during the Shizuoka bombing raids. Sugano reportedly remembered the actions of his doctor grandfather, who treated wounded soldiers from both sides of the second Russo-Japanese War.

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Inspired by his grandfather, Sugano wanted to honor warriors from both sides of the conflict. In , Sugano brought the canteen to Pearl Harbor. He has performed the ritual there every year since.

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The ceremony includes pouring whiskey from the canteen, and sprinkling flower petals into the water. While simple, the ritual resonates.

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The ritual is rooted in tragedy for both nations. Story continues. What to Read Next. The National Interest.

Blackened Canteen Youth Symposium | Events | ThisWeek Hawaii

Itoh, a devout Buddhist, began an annual ceremony to honor those who lost their lives during the war. It began with a prayer and was followed by pouring bourbon whiskey from the canteen onto the crash site. Before Itoh passed away, Sugano promised to carry on the tradition, which he has faithfully executed since This represents reconciliation at its finest. The boat moored back into the Pearl Harbor Visitors Center and the guests dispersed, each with a new understanding for how far the two countries have come.

Blackened Canteen Ceremony

Whereas the story itself is told as fiction, the facts are historically correct. I have created several fictional characters as an enhancement to this true story.

Peace and Reconciliation Emphasized at Annual Blackened Canteen Ceremony

There is a 3 minute video of the Joint Memorial Service in Shizuoka City and the dedication of a memorial plaque honoring the 23 men lost when their B's collided. As well as testimonials regarding the book from Yoko Ono and members of the families whose relatives are the major characters in the book at www.