Ho scoperto che ti amo (Freeway) (Italian Edition)

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In , Daniele shifted to a personal and early version of world music : in Bella 'mbriana musicians such as Alphonso Johnson and Wayne Shorter appeared as guest players. In the following year Daniele held a concert in Havana , and later formed a Latin-American band. In the same year he started a collaboration with the Italian actor and director Massimo Troisi : Daniele completed the soundtracks for Troisi's films Le vie del Signore sono finite and Pensavo fosse amore invece era un calesse. Non calpestare i fiori nel deserto, released in Spring , is an attempt to revive inspiration through African and Ethnic influences, and sold more than , copies.

The subsequent tour ended with a double date with Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. Biography Daniele was born to a working-class family in Naples, his father being a harbor worker. His lyrics also attracted critical praise: written and sung in an intense Neapolitan, they contained strong and bitter accusations against the social injustices of Naples, as well as Italian society in general, and included melancholic personal themes.

Several of the later songs are characterized by a free intermingling of English, Italian and. Antonio Esposito born 15 July is an Italian musician, drummer and percussionist. Career Esposito was born in Naples. He started playing percussions in his teenage years. In he recorded his first solo album, Rosso napoletano, in collaboration with Paul Buckmaster.

Esposito is mostly well known for his hit single "Kalimba de Luna" from his album Il grande esploratore. After winning the Un disco per l'estate music festival, it charted in Italy and Switzerland, and a cover by Boney M reached 17 in Germany. In , his single "Papa Chico" was 2 in The Netherlands for 5 weeks. Discography Rosso napoletano Processione sul mare Procession of the Hierophants. This album, which was very pop oriented, spawned no fewer than six singles: "S. The single "Ti amo o ti ammazzo" was also translated and released in Spanish as "Te amo o te mato".

This album continued themes used b. Rachel Carmel Nicolazzo, better known as Rachel Z, and now Rachel Z Hakim, is a jazz and rock pianist and keyboardist and is considered one of the most influential and versatile musical forces of her generation. She recorded 10 solo albums as a jazz musician. From —96 she played keyboards and piano with fusion band Steps Ahead with vibes player Mike Mainieri. She was responsible for the CD's 40 tracks of synthesized orchestral sounds, acoustic piano solos and several concurrent world tours. She worked closely on preproduction with Marcus Miller in the studio to mesh the synth orchestr.

Giuseppe Prestipino Giarritta born 23 August , professionally known by his pseudonym Pino Presti, is an Italian bassist, arranger, composer, conductor and record producer from Milan. He is a 5th-dan black belt in Shotokan Karate. He started as a bass guitar player, than gradually began as an arranger, composer, orchestra conductor, and producer. She has experimented with different genres, from rock to reggae, from funk to pop. Her sister Mia Martini was also a prominent singer. She became successful the following year through her Normale o Super album, as well as "Sei bellissima", a ballad that eventually became one of her biggest hits.

Common Ground is a album by folk rock musician Richie Havens. His father was an orchestra percussionist. In he moved to Turin and two years later he moved to Milan, where he joined the Franco Cerri quintet. Between the s and s, De Piscopo played on several occasions with bassist-arranger Pino Presti, with whom he established one of the top rhythm sessions in the Italian music scene. In and , he was a member of New Trolls Atomic System. Many of the songs are about the nostalgic longing for Naples as it once was.

The Neapolitan song became a formal institution in the s due to an annual song-writing competition for the Festival of Piedigrotta, dedicated to the Madonna of Piedigrotta, a well-known church in the Mergellina area of Naples. The winner of the first festival was a song entitled Te voglio bene assaie; it is traditionally attributed to the prominent opera composer Gaetano Donizetti, although an article published in The Stadio Olimpico is the main and largest sports facility of Rome, Italy. It is located within the Foro Italico sports complex, north of the city.

The structure is owned by the Italian National Olympic Committee and it is used primarily for association football. Outside football, the stadium is used by the Italian national rugby union team and it is Italy's national athletics stadium. Occasionally, it hosts concerts and events. History Throughout its history, the Stadio Olimpico has undergone several renovations. It was designed and constructed within the larger project of the Foro Mus.

He plays a fusion of World music and Jazz fusion music, rooted in Neapolitan traditions and characteristic dialect. Born in Naples, Italy, Avitabile started playing saxophone as an autodidact as ten years old. He graduated in flaute at the Naples Conservatory. He started his career as a turnist, and made his record debut in with Avitabile, an album which saw the collaboration of Richie Havens. Bottari is a traditional rhythm from southern Italy. It involves percussion elements such as wine barrels, wooden drums and the like.

Avitabile keeps the Bottari culture in mind while experimenting with fusion Jazz sax, trumpets, etc. Track listing All songs by Al Di Meola unless otherwise noted. He is the second of their four children. Shortly after his birth, the family moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota, and in to Hyattsville, Maryland, where he attended elementary school and Northwestern High School. Biography Awa Ly was born and raised in Paris. Both her parents are from Senegal, while most of her family lives in Dakar.

She accompanied Pino Daniele in summer on an international tour after having already performed with him in the United States and Canada. It has a seating capacity of 80,, making it one of the largest stadiums in Europe, and the largest in Italy. On 3 March , the stadium was named in honour of Giuseppe Meazza, the two-time World Cup winner , who played for Inter and briefly for Milan in the s, s and s. History It is named after the plebiscite taken on October 2, that brought Naples into the unified Kingdom of Italy under the House of Savoy.

It is located very closely to the gulf of Naples, and bounded on the east by the Royal Palace and on the west by the church of San Francesco di Paola with colonnades extending to both sides. Other surrounding buildings include the Palazzo Salerno and, its mirror, the Prefecture Palace on the left arm of the church. In the first years of the 19th century, the King of Naples, Murat Napoleon's brother-in-law , planned the square and building as a tribute to the emperor.

Soon after Napoleon was finally dispatched to St Helena, the Bourbons were restored to the throne, and Ferdinand I continued the construction but converted the finished product into the church one sees today.

He dedicated it to Saint Francis of Paola, who had sta. Matthew Justin Garrison born June 2, [1] is an American jazz bassist. In , he returned to the States to live with his godmother Lydia DeJohnette and godfather Jack DeJohnette with whom he currently performs and records. Woody Guthrie Bob Dylan Joni Mitchell Singer-songwriters are musicians who write, compose, and perform their own musical material, including lyrics and melodies.

In the United States, the category built on the folk-acoustic tradition. Definition and usage "Singer-songwriter" is used to define popular music artists who write and perform their own material, which is often self-accompanied generally on acoustic guitar or piano. Most records by such artists have a similarly straightforward and spare sound that placed emphasis on the song. As of 31 December , it had a population of 2, and an area of 2. Its frazione is Villaggio San Giuseppe. Retrieved 16 March He works the crime beat cronaca nera.

While writing about crimes and murders by the Camorra, Siani begins to investigate the Camorra's alliances with the politicians of Torre Annunziata, and to discover large areas of corruption and collusion between politicians and organized crime.


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Despite the somewhat veiled threats of the local political class, Siani continues his inquiries, especially after the "massacre of the circle of fishermen". His articles particularly annoy the local Camorra bosses because they undermine their political and criminal alliances.

So, after he was transferred to Naples by his paper, the Camorra meet, and decide to kill, Siani. Siani is shot outside his girlfriend'. It didn't read all to comfortably, and at times it jarred me out of the story. But all in all, this is a pretty good, and interesting book. A lot of things I already knew, but there were also several things I didn't know, and I loved reading them and learning more about Japan.

Which I hope to visit one day. Would I recommend this book? Even if one already knows a lot about Japan, or is a complete newbie to the country, this book will be fun for both of them. Non potrete cercare in Orizzonte Giappone indirizzi di alberghi e ristoranti e neppure indicazioni su orari dei musei e su come arrivarci. Sospeso tra un passato millenario, che ha creato una cultura di incredibile raffinatezza e un presente robotizzato e ipertecnologico che sconfina, almeno agli occhi del lettore, nel futuribile, il Giappone di Colgan emerge con la stessa delicatezza, dalle pagine dell'e-book, con cui le isole dell'arcipelago nipponico galleggiano su un Oceano che di pacifico ha solo il nome, come dimostra la catastrofe di Fukushima.

Unica pecca, fa venire una gran voglia di tornare nel Sol Levante, specie nelle mie condizioni attuali di recente innamoramento geografico :D Ho vinto questo libro tramite giveaway qui su Goodreads. Ho trovato molto coinvolgente non solo l'oggetto del libro, ma anche il suo stile di scrittura. Libro piccolo, che si legge in un paio d'ore. Patrick racconta il proprio approccio nei confronti di un Paese, da lui visitato sei volte, che continua a regalargli nuovi scorci ad ogni visita.

Amo i libri di viaggio. Amo incamminarmi con l'autore per sentieri che non conosco e adottare punti di vista "altri". Da leggere e da vedere, anche per le belle foto. Niente male. Interessanti anche gli spunti di lettura ulteriore offerti dall'autore specie riguardo a Pico Iyer, che conosco solo come giornalista.

Letto in due giorni, troppo breve! Il capitolo sul Ramen mi ha fatto tornare in mente uno dei miei film preferiti "The Ramen Girl". Un eBook di viaggi che fa il suo dovere: farti venir voglia di partire. Sep 18, Al rated it really liked it Shelves: read , kindle. Early on in Horizon Japan the author set the stage with this paragraph: Panic. This resonated with me. From my limited foreign travels, I remembered this feeling. I'm not sure I'd call it panic Early on in Horizon Japan the author set the stage with this paragraph: Panic. I'm not sure I'd call it panic, but a strange, contradictory combination of bone-weariness, adrenaline rush, apprehension, and excitement, all rolled into one.

It's a feeling anyone might get when they're on the cusp of a new experience or adventure. As a traveler, I felt a more mild version of this on my first trip to New York just before the first time a cab driver took me the long way to run up the meter. It was a stronger feeling on trips to Europe and South America. The more you expect the culture and language to differ from past experiences, the stronger the feeling.

However, the rest of the book didn't live up to the setup. The author made it clear, both explicitly and from various clues throughout the book, that the experiences chronicled were an amalgamation of several different trips. I found his experiences interesting and, having no firsthand knowledge to compare, they seemed credible.

But too often they lacked the sense of discovery I was hoping to find based on the setup. I'd still recommend Horizon Japan as a worthwhile read. Just not as much as I'd hoped. May have received a free review copy. Roberto rated it it was ok Jul 22, Melissa Cossalter rated it it was amazing Jan 03, Federica Richwell rated it really liked it Jan 12, Pietro Bassi rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Elisa Rizzardi rated it it was amazing May 15, Paola Mambretti rated it it was amazing Dec 22, Tiziano rated it really liked it Feb 18, Fran loves reading rated it it was amazing Jan 03, Fabio Bertino rated it it was amazing Nov 10, Lorenzo G.

Als u me achtervolgt, verwittig uw gendarmes Dat ik niet gewapend zal zijn En dat ze mogen schieten. Language: Norwegian. Interpretata da Birgitte Grimstad nel nell'album Syger Vise. Nata nel e danese di nascita di Copenaghen , Birgitte Grimstad vive a Oslo, in Norvegia, dal Canta sia in danese che in norvegese. Performed and recorded by Birgitte Grimstad in the album Syger Vise. She sings in both Danish and Norwegian. Min mor fant hvilested hvor ingen sprenggranater og syngende soldater forstyrrer hennes fred. Language: Occitan post Language: Persian. La versione finora inserita, ci informa sempre il Dr.

Ringraziamo il Dr. We heartily thank Dr. Language: Italian Piemontese. Infatti mi pare che sia trascurata buona parte della complessa accentazione del piemontese. Traduzione italiana delle versione piemontese di Renzo Gallo. Sul sito Canzoni del Piemonte e della Liguria curato da Enrico Casali sono disponibili anche gli accordi e lo spartito della canzone. Language: Polish. Dalla stessa pagina si poteva scaricare un frammento della canzone. A specimen of the song could be downloaded from the same page. E' stata interpretata dai Dezerter e chi altri?

Free Peltier! Language: Portuguese. This version was adapted to Portuguese reality, both geographical and political f. Fernando Cabral Martins. Si veda anche questo articolo. Ao ser encarcerado, minha mulher, perdi-a; e esqueci o que havia de bom no meu passado. Sou um simples desertor: comunique aos seus guardas que ando sempre sem armas, que atirem sem temor.

Sempre per il ritmo, in alcuni punti come del resto fanno quasi tutte le versioni mi sono allontanato leggermente dal testo originale. Assim, ao amanhecer eu vou fechar a porta na cara de anos mortos e vou-me encaminhar. E se me perseguir avise os seus gendarmes que eu ando sem armas e que podem tirar. Language: Raeto-Romance Puter. Per quanto riguarda l'ultima strofa, mi sono ispirato alla versione originale di Boris Vian, nella quale diceva "que j'emporte des armes et que je sais tirer E scha que es do avaunt, cha'l saung ho da culer, ch'el giaja svess a'l der, stimo sar president.

Language: Raeto-Romance.

Male guitarists

E' opera del cantastorie Emil Schavut, di Coira, che l'ha preparata espressamente per questo sito. Common Swiss Romanche Romantsch Grischun version by the storyteller and ballad singer Emil Schavut, who made it expressly for this site.

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Language: Romanian. Language: Russian. From the splendid Russian site on Boris Vian. Russian may be a rather inaccessible language to many, but the site will reward you by giving possibility to download a huge quantity of songs by Boris Vian. Romanized Russian version. Transcription de la version russe dans l'alphabet latin. Svoju i podarite. Third Russian version by Igor' Boykov []. It is however the only one with the translation of the original non-pacifist final stanza.

C'est la seule qui traduit le couplet final original. Language: Sardinian. Sardinian version by Fabio Coronas as performed by Askra in the album Hijos This version derives clearly from the Italian version by Giorgio Calabrese rather than from the French original.

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Askra: Hijos, Vi ringrazio per averci dato il modo di far sentire il nostro no contro la guerra anche in limba sarda Distinti saluti Mariassunta Frau stellamaria18 libero. Oe mi est arribau s'ordine de pretzettu de lassare onnia affettu seo in gherra richiamau. Zeo rispondo como egregiu presidente po ochire atera zente non mi movo de 'omo.

Seo istau in prisonia e cando seo torrau luttos ap'agattau in sa famillia mia.


Totu mi ch'ant furau benes e propiedade s sa mia dinnidade e a pobidda mia. A no ponner in mente a no andare a fagher gherra de lassare sa cuntierra e a non bochire zente. Language: Serbian. Transcription serbe par Riccardo Venturi sur la base de la version croate de Monia Verardi 8 avril Pour les observations sur la langue serbe et croate, voire la version serbe de La guerra di Piero.

Odbijte da idete. Language: Spanish. Me da igual que usted se enfade por lo que vengo a decirle. Cuando me metieron preso, me robaron la mujer, y me robaron la fe con sus recuerdos queridos. Y de haber sufrido tanto mi madre se fue a la tumba lo mismo le dan ya bombas lo mismo le dan las larvas. Se trata de El desertor. Manuel Talens ". Cuando estaba preso me quitaron a mi mujer me quitaron las horas y mi pasado feliz. Mientras estuve prisionero me robaron a mi mujer, me robaron el alma y todo mi querido pasado.

It is, rather, a translation of the Italian version by Giorgio Calabrese, as performed by Ivano Fossati. Para gustos, colores, ciertamente, pero yo pongo la radio y me sale Marco Masini y se me cae el alma a los pies, aunque sea un anuncio de pizza. El caso es que hoy le ha tocado que lo promocione gratis a Ivano Fossati. Motivo por el cual si necesita sangre, aporte usted la Suya, si le parece bien.

Version espagnole anonyme - Anonymous Spanish version. Language: Swedish. Roland von Malmborg, Accompagnamento al pianoforte di Petri Somer. En clown, en vind passerar. Jag ser det inte alls. Passano un clown ed il vento ma io sono pieno di pena. Dite, voi che siete qui, cosa dovreste udire, cosa dovreste fare per coloro che amate Son partiti per una guerra assolutamente inutile, dove le persone sono state scambiate per demoni Sto qui in una piazza e piove nel mio cuore.

Lo so che sono stupida. Non dire niente dello stato, di De Gaulle e della politica, bisogna che stia zitta. Ma Le dico, signor Presidente, se ha il tempo di rispondere… Mi potrebbe spiegare lui che male ha fatto? O voi che avete il potere, vi vorrei solo dire: lasciate vivere le persone, e fate quel che ho detto! Versione "composita" in lingua svedese. Language: Alemannic. Dapprima composta e inserita nell'album I glaub jetz hock i ab. Swiss German Version by Franz Hohler First composed and included in the album I glaub jetz hock i ab This never happened.

The song, however, was performed by Hohler in another program and later included in an another album. The lyrics do not adhere that much to the French original; it is rather a very personal rewriting adapted to Swiss reality the title itself means "The Dienscht refuser" -the s.

The lyrics are available at this page. Language: German. Nessuna nazione per cui io giuri. Es ist kein Beitrag zur Weltfriedensbewegung. Nicht die Protesthaltung ist wichtig, sondern die Entscheidung, nicht am Krieg teilzunehmen. Philippe Boggio schreibt: "Er singt nicht, er psalmodiert. Es handelte sich um Kriegsveteranen, denen "Der Deserteur" nicht passte. Die ist nicht gegangen. Von allen Friedhofslieferanten bekam ich viel Geld. Der Skandal um dieses Lied betraf zu dieser Zeit doch eher die Provinz. Das passte zu ihm. Wegen dieser Zumutung verhunzten sie in ihrer Interpretation unter Anderem die amerikanische Hymne - rund 25 Jahre vor Hendrix.

Es kam zum Skandal, bei dem ihm mangelnder Patriotismus vorgeworfen wurde. Seine Chansons wurden in den folgenden Jahrzehnten von Vielen gesungen. Unter anderem von Hildegard Knef und Wolf Biermann. Die "Kampagne gegen die Wehrpflicht" setzte das Lied noch bei ihren Aktionen ein. Horst Blume. Ich sag' Euch ohne Trug: Ihr wollt doch nur schmarotzen, ich finde das zum Kotzen, die Welt hat jetzt genug. Ihr sogenannten Herrn, ich sage Euch ganz offen, die Wahl ist schon getroffen: Ich werde desertier'n.

German Version by Wolf Biermann. Version allemande de Wolf Biermann. Il succitato sito ha ricevuto 25 di tali letterine, per un totale di circa Wir wollen nicht diese Merde! Riccardo Venturi, 21 agosto Wolf Biermann. Versione italiana della versione tedesca di Wolf Biermann. In questo unico caso traduciamo una versione, per la sua natura assolutamente straordinaria. In this sole case, we have translated this splendid version which deserves to be better known.

Version italienne de La version allemande de Wolf Biermann. Monsieur, io non ci vado, non voglio questa merda, non vivo sulla terra per essere un assassino. In alto i calici! Nel mare di sangue. Prima che i galli cantino inchiavardo la porta, voglio farmi la mia vita e mi metto in cammino. Dite no alle esercitazioni, dite no al fare la guerra, dite no, e non partite! Sparga il Suo, sarebbe proprio ben fatto! Language: Tonga Tonga Islands. Kou pehe kia te kimoutolu mo e 'apa'apa He 'oku pehe ko kimoutolu 'oku lala 'Oku vale 'a e tau ni Fe'unga pe me'a faingata'a ki Maamani!

Ko ho 'afio 'Eikitau 'Oku ou pehe mo e hoku loto'ataa 'Oji fili au ai 'Oku ou fie hoko ko hatahali'aki! Talu mei he'eku mo'ui 'i Maamani Kou jio ki hoku tamai, kuo ne mate Jio tatau ki hoku tokoua, kaiha'alahi Kou jio e tangi ni'ihi 'o hange ha ki'i tama! Kou jio kakai kehe kuo faikovi Neongo he toto mo e pelepela! Kou jio he kaataki'i hopoate Nau to'o ho'oku mo'ui Ko ia ko hoku 'ohoana Mo homa 'inaji lelei! Kimu'a na'e ui 'e he moataane Pea mapuni au 'a e matapaa Fiemate au vaha'a tokolahi Pea keu 'alu ki he ve'ehala!

Pea 'alu au ki ai pea ki ai Ki he ngalu, havili mo e hala Ke tau'i ma'a 'a e Maamani fo'ou! Ui au ki hataha Ke ke fai lelei ki ho mo'ui! Ko ho 'afio 'Eikitau Pau ke ke to'o 'a e toto Pea tuku ke tafe ia 'o kimoutolu Ko mou akonekina'i ia fa'iteliha! Mou lea ki homou polisi Te nau 'o a'u kia te au He 'ikai ma'u au ha mahafu Ke fana'i au 'ata'ataa pe! Language: Turkish.

Kadir Versione turca di A. Kadir, ripresa da questa pagina. Turkish version by A. Kadir, available at this page. Version turque d'A. Language: Ukrainian. Ukrainian translation from lyricstranslate. Romanized lyrics are also provided. Language: Hungarian. Hungarian version by Riccardo Venturi, not made for singing. Version hongroise de Riccardo Venturi.

Bevonulni nem fogok. Language: Italian Veneto. Go avuo solche casini da quando che son nato, e i fioi che go fato i ga cria' co' mi. Disighe ai vostri amighi se lori i vien sercarme che i pol anca spararme mi armi no' ghi n'ho. Language: Vietnamese. The following is a parody by a committee of citizens of Quercy, the French region between the departments of Lot and Tarn-et-Garonne, who opposed building of a nuclear plant in their territory. The parody has been duly registered for copyright and is performed on antinuke meetings.

Its author is one Jean-Luc Petit Ternoise. Son auteur serait Jean-Luc Petit Ternoise. Mi sono appena accorto da un giornale, in prima pagina che nella nostra tranquilla regione tornano i teppisti dei kilowatt. Da quando siamo nati ci son stati gli inquinatori, i cementificatori e il trionfo dei quattrini. Il paese ha sofferto tanto che gli angoletti risparmati li si vuol conservare e tanto peggio per il nucleare. In questo nuovo millennio si attende il Suo decreto e che la sicurezza passi avanti agli affari. Ma se preferiscono dormire avverta i suoi deputati che glielo metteremo in culo, Il Quercy non vuol morire.

As everyone knows, president Chirac was re-elected also thanks to the votes of the leftist electors, mobilising unwillingly to avoid election of a definitely Nazi candidate. Fascistes, hors de nos terres On est venu en nombre Pour vous creuser une tombe, Vous faire bouffer les vers.

Sorry we still under construction!

Refusez de vous taire! Signor Presidente, le scrivo una lettera che forse leggerete se ne avete il tempo. Signor Presidente, io non voglio farlo, votar per Lei mi ammazza ma non ho grande scelta. Fascisti, fuori di qui, siamo venuti in tanti per scavarvi una tomba, e farvi mangiar dai vermi. Io, che non ho votato mi han rubato la fiaccola, mi han rubato l'anima, mi vergogno d'esser francese. Rifiutate di tacere! Cacciate 'sta miseria! Rifiutate d'inginocchiarvi! Una parodia dell'aprile , aggiornata alla guerra in Iraq, allora appena scoppiata.

A parody of adapted to the Iraqi war, that had just broken out at that time. Available at this page. Miri alla distruzione di un popolo che chiede la grazia e tutto questo per del petrolio, e penso che sia vomitevole. Rifiutate d'obbedire, rifiutate di farla, non approvate questa guerra, rifiutate di subirla. Una parodia del , eseguita dalla Chorale des Chants de la Rue , ispirata alle lotte dei "Sans-papiers".

A parody of by the Chorale des Chants de la Rue , inspired by the struggle of the "Sans-papiers". Proprio sei anni fa da voi sono arrivato spinto dalla miseria che da noi imperversava Ero pieno di speranze, ascoltavo mio nonno che aveva fatto la guerra per liberar la Francia.

Ma nel cuore serbavo, per tutti i giorni scuri e per le noie infinite, la speranza dei giorni migliori. Per sortir dai casini, sarebbe ragionevole creder capace la gente di dividere il pane. A parody by Philippe Fourel for a petition to the President of the French Republic agains privatization of culture sector. Signor Presidente, non bisogna lasciarlo fare, non siamo sulla terra solo per fare soldi. Domani non ci saranno altro che canali televisivi per trasmettere film importati da Hollywood. Signor Presidente, non bisogna lasciarlo fare, non siamo sulla terra soltanto per i soldi.

Pensez au lendemain! Commencez demain matin A fermer des centrales Dans ce moment crucial. Un testo originale di Lars Forssell arrangiato e cantato dal grande cantautore olandese-svedese sulla musica originale di Harold Berg. Original Swedish lyrics by Lars Forssell arranged and performed by the great Dutch-Swedish folksinger to the original melody by Harold Berg. Quella della Zanicchi mancava e ho cercato con google, che mi ha mandato a questo sito.

Ora ho studiato un po' la lingua, ma lo stesso non riuscivo a capirla perfettamente. Grazie a questo sito ora ho il testo. Le firme figurano in calce ad una lettera indirizzata al primo ministro Ariel Sharon, al ministro della Difesa Shaul Mofaz e al ministro dell'Istruzione Limor Livnat. Non prenderemo parte a questa pratica illegale. Destra che ora ricorre allo stesso strumento, l'obiezione di coscienza, per non partecipare allo sgombero dei coloni da Gaza e da alcuni insediamenti in Cisgiordania.

Stefania Podda. Get the Link Show in the timeline Carissimo Daniele, ho appena effettuato la correzione da te segnalata e colgo l'occasione per ringraziarti ancora per la tua traduzione. Naturalmente ne aspettiamo altre! Ho qui il link all'mp3 della versione di Fossati live al Club Tenco Get the Link Show in the timeline Caro Riccardo, Ho appena trovato un altro errore ortografico spero l'ultimo :- nella mia traduzione del Disertore in Romancio dell'Alta Engadina.

Mi faresti la cortesia di correggerlo, per piacere? Grazie e a presto Daniele Immediatamente, Daniele, e grazie ancora per quello che hai fatto. Get the Link Show in the timeline mi piace da morire,l'ho scoperto davvero per caso!!!!!! Get the Link Show in the timeline This is probably the best page on this song ever written in the world, and your site is among the best Internet stuff I've ever seen. My congratulations and thanks for including one of my songs. Nel Joshua Key ha una moglie e tre figli e decide di arruolarsi: ha bisogno di imparare un mestiere e di ottenere uno stipendio fisso, e vuole garantire l'assistenza sanitaria alla propria famiglia.

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Ricordiamoci che erano uomini come noi, con le loro forze e le loro debolezze. Get the Link Show in the timeline Solo per dire che oggi 6 dicembre , presso un favoloso negozio di vinili di Firenze, il "Disco Studio" di via degli Alfani davanti alla latteria "Caffelatte" , ben due amministratori di questo sito il sottoscritto e la k. Le note di copertina sono di Georges Brassens! Get the Link Show in the timeline There is also a fourth Swedish version , performed by Cornelis Vreeswijk , which is more of a song inspired by the original than a faithful rendition in Swedish.